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The Ultimate Guide to Contentful

We’ve recently published a long form guide to working with one of our preffered CMS partners, Contentful. In this post we explore the content of the guide and some of the key take aways for anyone looking to use the Contentful platform.


The Ultimate Guide to Contentful

Comparison with other CMSs

We explore how Contentful stacks up against other providers and look at the key benefit of picking a headless CMS. Ultimately, we conclude that moving to headless will results in reduced operational burden on your development and marketing teams and lead to a more secure and scalable platform.


Getting started with Contentful can seem daunting and it’s critical that you pick the appropriate architecture for your project. We look at the key considerations you should be making and how to balance seo crawlability, complex UI interaction and interaction with external datasources to achieve the right approach for your project.

GraphQL type generation

If you’re using a statically typed language (C#, Java, Typescript, etc), you’ll want to generate type definitions for use in your application. We look at the best approach to this to make
interacting with Contentful vastly easier.

Performance and Image management

We explore in detail how Caching strategies and a GraphQL CDN can be managed to help alleviate some of Contentful’s API rate limits. We also look at important UI factors to consider when designing an image heavy Contentful site.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these key Contentful topics, you can download the whitepaper here.